A software developer, passionated about the power of an open web, built with open technologies by passionated developers for everyone.


  1. 2012

    1. Started playing with web code
  2. 2014

    1. First static website gig
    2. First time visiting a software event
    3. First production system deployed
  3. 2016

    1. Started working as Full Stack Developer
  4. 2017

    1. Programmed an industrial sized robot
  5. 2018

    1. Started studying Computer Science
    2. Went to the US for a robotic's competition
  6. 2019

    1. Gave the first public technology talk
  7. 2020

    1. Became a Tech Lead
    2. First fleet of microservices deployed
  8. 2021

    1. Started experimenting with serverless
  9. 2022

    1. Experimenting with edge computing

I've been doing GraphQL for a while.

Maybe these can help you.

The Great GraphQL Compass

  • articles
  • links
  • collection
  • tutorials

Links that will shape how you think GraphQL.

Give me

Anatomics of a GraphQL Server

  • diagram
  • visual
  • print

Diagrams to point at while speaking.

Give me

PHP Sessions.
The way it should be.

Encript your user's session data in such a way that not even you could read it.

Compatible with all frameworks. Or no framework at all. You choose it.

Do you store you user's session on the file system? MySQL? Redis? Punched card? We've got it.


LiteAdmin 11 Kb of Gziped CSS. No JS. That's all you need to have fully funcional...

...and many more.

See it in action